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Sabtu, 26 Juni 2010

this my group.........

shark evolution was established on 22 May 2009, established the beginning of shark evolution starts from basketball clubs in schools, by then we do not know one another, but because every time we often play with us become acquainted with each other, and at that time we also took the initiative to form an organization in school basketball

and we were together all lovers of basketball in school, then one of our members took the initiative to create the e-mail address to make the shark evolution and ungrouped on facebook

and currently shark evolution has stood up for a year, members have also increased, not only in school but outside school, and we hope to penetrate beyond shark evolution Indonesia

Our members are quite proud of the rapid progress of shark evolution, if any who wish to enter can be found in shark evolution and facebook group

We are looking forward if anyone wants to participate in this organization

_the creator of shark evolution_


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