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Jumat, 02 Juli 2010


nick name: abot
No squad: 26
all about abot:
abot is the founder of this group, he wanted to win their own people, selfishness, indifference to what he did, but with the existence of this group to be born though he was him like that.
and he used once in the living spouse for no good reason for sure, but she was never sad about it, he can find lagi although it takes a very long time, and now she's single, and looking for someone who can understand and comprehend dirinya, though abot selfish, but actually he was good-hearted person.

nick name: ijo
no squad: 99
all about the ijo:
ijo is a man who in tuakan in shark evolution, because the maturity he's in everything. but he never thought of herself, always thinking of other members compared to her, so she is on call "dad" by all members of shark evolution.
and he's someone who is very faithful to their partners, so menbuat able to stay with their partner even though he's a very sloppy.

nick name: cuple
no squad: 8
all about cuple:
cuple a little older, he often times looking for her identity-dressing by replacing the pair, but there is one woman who makes her crazy to her, but for now he can not have her anymore, because she had no who has.
all member said, "wait a moment she'll come back to you."

nick name: Nando (pa Ketu)
no squad: 2
all about Nando:
nado is chairman of shark evolution, he was a wise and fair leader, but he's one shy of women, she often shuddered as having contact with women.
now he has used to it, and he is now close to a woman member of the shark evolution girls, and it seems he likes her, the advice of our struggle to get it

nick name: irung
No squad: 13
all about irung:
irung is a very spoiled and she does not look up at all, is the man to childish but he was faithful to her partner.

nick name: cungkring
No squad: 12
all about cungkring:
cungkring was a spendthrift of anything, he never perdulikan will be all the things he wants, whether it is good or bad, useful or not.
but he was very kind to all members, he often helped fellow members, and he was very understanding towards their partner.
he considered a brother by all members, because he was kind of adults among the member below

nick name: septruq
No squad: 14
all about septruq:
septruk is a good heart but he is too spoiled and selfish, he was often forced himself to do something he should not do so, he often makes himself wounded.
but now he was conscious and he has to get her identity, now he looks a bit mature religion, although a bit but we're sure he'll be able to grow up

nick name: m-bow
No squad: 9
all about m-bow:
bowo is one of the squad which devout religion, he often reminded all members to worship, but he's easily hurt men against women.
m-bow makes a great is that he continues to pursue the woman of his dreams until now, and he has often broken connect with the woman of his dreams, he did not know gave up to reach what he wants, that's what makes all the members of awe toward

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